South Africa travel experts

Africa is a continent that, to those who have never been there, seems as mysterious as anywhere. It’s a place of many contrasts, and features magnificent mountainous regions, amazing vast deserts and some exciting and bustling cities. Despite all this and more, Africa is only just becoming popular as a tourist destination, yet this has its advantages; for a start, there are many excellent holiday destinations that remain quiet and without crowds, but the sheer beauty of these chosen spots mean they won’t remain that way for long. Journey in style has been arranging African holidays for many years, and knows the best places to go.

Take Mozambique, a wonderful country on the east coast; here you can enjoy stunning unspoilt beaches that stretch for miles, with amazing clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean lapping at the shore, and luxurious villas on the beach as accommodation. The islands of the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos offer amazingly tranquil and private resorts, while the exciting capital of Maputo is a fascinating place. Mozambique has it all, and with wonderful food and friendly locals, is a place where you can take a relaxed family holiday or a memorable romantic break for two.

South Africa, another of the many available destinations from Journey in Style, is a different prospect. Here you can visit some of the world’s most exciting cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, or take a trip to one of the many national parks where you can enjoy a traditional safari. It’s a country where you can experience the new and old Africa, and experience many unique aspects of the continent such as Tanzania safaris . For the best in African travel to these and other countries, talk to the team at Journey in Style, the experts in African holidays.